Traditional segmental block retaining walls exceeding 10′ feet in height require extensive use of soil replacement with geogrid reinforced imported granular backfill.
In steep hillside areas, this can result in significant extra costs and potential excavation challenges.

The inventors of the AnchorFast retaining wall system sought to develop a simple to design and construct retaining wall product that allowed for the construction of higher segmental block retaining walls in stiff soils without the need for extensive excavation to accommodate geogrid reinforced imported backfill.

The AnchorFast patented retaining wall system is revolutionizing the segmental block retaining wall industry.

The AnchorFast system incorporates a tie-down system to provide anchorage to improve stability against bearing, overturning, sliding and global failure modes,
allowing walls to go higher without geogrid.
AnchorFast also provides ductility and over-strength to resist earthquake shaking.
The tie-downs comprise a system of easy to install corrosion protected cables and micro-piles. Full scale load tests prove that retaining walls up to 20′ (6.1 m) high can be built without the need for geogrid, dead-men, or tie-backs.

This creates the following advantages:

1. Minimization of excavation volume behind the wall, saving time and money and optimizes the environmental sustainability of the construction.
2. Reduction in imported retained backfill required, saving time and money.
3. Optimization of block size and weight for rapid construction, greatly reducing installation time versus smaller blocks.
4. Simple construction process that can be taught quickly to competent construction personnel.