Old Orchard Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia

This AnchorFast Retaining Wall Project required a 16.5 foot high (5 m ) retaining wall to stabilize a roadway and to accommodate a subdivision directly below the slope. 

The slope had history of creep and the developer that owned the property planned to dig into the slope to make room for the new houses. The City refused to allow any geogrid under the road, due to planned future utility construction, but also required the road to be stabilized.

Soil conditions consisted of loose, uncontrolled fill overlying glacial till and highly fractured bedrock. Project challenges were keeping the road open during construction and global stability. 

The AnchorFast Retaining Wall included tie-downs and micropile-reinforced foundation base plates. 

The wall construction vastly reduced the excavation requirements and significantly improved the stability. 

The AnchorFast Retaining Wall was completed in January 2018 and tests 24 months after completion (January 2020) on the road showed no visual evidence of any movement. 

Date: Completed January, 2018

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

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