Lower Sumas Mountain Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia

This project required a retaining wall generally 24 to 25 Feet (7 to 8 m) high along a steep hillside with minimal room for excavation and construction. The soil conditions consisted of dense sandy silt overlying sandstone and fractured weak mudstone. Project challenges were maintaining stable excavation during excavation to keep blocks of weak mudstone from falling into the work zone. The shoring included mesh secured with grouted rock anchors, some of which doubled as permanent tiebacks connected to the anchors to enhance the stability of the wall from overturning. This AnchorFast Retaining Wall also included tiedowns and micropile-reinforced foundation base plates. The AnchorFast Retaining wall construction vastly reduced the excavation requirements to accommodate the new municipal roadway. Date: Completed January, 2019 Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

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