The AnchorFast Retaining Wall System reduces construction costs and simplifies installation while simultaneously providing functional benefits & optimized aesthetics. 

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Photo Key:
#1. AnchorFast Precast Full Block, Slim Block, Facia Boards and Foundation Footing Plate Ready for Installation.
#2. AnchorFast Retaining Wall System Allows Retaining Walls to Be Built Tighter To Property Lines Maximizing Land Use.
#3. AnchorFast Retaining Wall System Minimizes Excavation Behind the Wall, Saving Time & Money.
#4. In some cases it may be advantageous to utilize permanent soil anchors in the excavation shoring system. Those anchors can then be connected to the AnchorFast system as a permanent stabilization element.
#5. Foundation Footing Plates Being Set For 30 Foot Tall (9.14 m) Retaining Wall with No Setbacks.
#6. 30’ Tall AnchorFast Retaining Wall Built in Seismic Region.

Traditional segmental block retaining walls exceeding 10′ feet in height require extensive use of soil replacement with geogrid reinforced imported granular backfill. In steep hillside areas, this can result in significant extra costs and potential excavation challenges.

The AnchorFast Retaining Wall was created out of a desire to construct a modular block retaining wall system that achieves the maximum possible height with the least amount of excavation; reducing installation time, saving money, and minimizing impact to the environment.

AnchorFast is a patented retaining wall design that incorporates a tie-down system to provide anchorage to improve stability against bearing, overturning, sliding and global failure modes. This allows walls to go higher without geogrid.

AnchorFast also provides ductility and over-strength to resist earthquake shaking. The tie downs comprise a system of easy to install corrosion protected cables and micro-piles. Full scale load tests prove that retaining walls up to 20 feet high (6.1 m) can be built without the need for geogrid, dead-men or tie-backs.

  • Saves time and money by minimizing excavation
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for geogrid for retaining walls up to 20’ high
  • Allows for the use of native backfill approved by engineers
  • Environmentally Sustainable – less trucking of waste and imported structural fill
  • Maximize your customer’s land by building your retaining wall tighter to property lines in hillsides
  • AnchorFast allows subdivision developers to design without the concerns for geogrid interfering with underground utilities
  • AnchorFast block size optimizes your speed of construction
  • Allows traffic to be maintained through construction
  • Easily adapts to curve
  • Works in seismic zones

Save your customers money, win bids and become the problem solver for challenging sites!


Engineers, installers and developers trust AnchorFast to solve complex site challenges:

  • Requirement for tall retaining walls (Height > 12.5 Feet or 3.5 m)
  • Sites with limited space for excavation
  • Steep hillsides
  • Tight property lines
  • Close proximity to underground utilities
  • Environmentally sensitive footprint
  • Seismic activity concerns

Visit our project gallery page to view a wide variety of AnchorFast installations.

Installation Equipment Required

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Installation Guide

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Installation Checklist

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Wall Drawings

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