The AnchorFast Retaining Wall was created with the goal of producing a precast concrete block retaining wall system that would have minimal environmental impart, would not rely on geogrid reinforcement, reach wall heights not seen before in the industry all while being fast and safe to install.
Introducing the AnchorFast Retaining Wall System

The Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada is known for its complex topography and soil conditions. Located in one of the most active seismic zones in the world, the area proved to be a solid testing ground for AnchorFast. Real estate values amongst the most expensive in the world added to the design challenge. Our goal was to create a retaining wall system that would minimize soil disturbance, limit environmental impact, and maximize land usage while meeting the seismic requirements for the region.

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AnchorFast is Born


Designed in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada by three experts in Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing.

The AnchorFast Retaining Wall was created out of a desire to construct a modular block retaining wall system that achieved the maximum possible height with the least amount of excavation; reducing installation time, saving money, and minimizing impact to the environment.

To Date

The AnchorFast Retaining Wall System has now been installed in over 30 complex and tested projects in both the Metropolitan Region of Vancouver and other regions of British Columbia. Recently, The AnchorFast Retaining Wall System help to solve a complex project in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

The Future

With 5 years of tested and proven AnchorFast Walls installed in a variety of Residential, Commercial and Municipal applications it is time to introduce The AnchorFast Retaining Wall System to the world.

A Revolutionary Retaining Wall



Large block, large footing plate with anchor pile and stainless-steel cabling to create the world’s first gridless, modular block retaining wall system.



With multiple facing & color options available, AnchorFast adds style & function to your construction project.

AnchorFast Cable Tensioning


Features limited excavation, reduction of geogrid, reduction of imported fill along with block size that optimizes speed of construction. The AnchorFast Retaining Wall construction process can be taught quickly to any competent construction personnel.