What makes an AnchorFast Retaining Wall System?

Retaining Wall Block

Block Piece

Retaining Wall Fundation Plate

Foundation Base Plate

Retaining Wall Anchor Pile

Anchor Pile

Retaining Wall Cable Tie-downs

Cable Tie-downs

AnchorFast Retaining Wall Features

The stacked AnchorFast blocks are capable of working as a gravity stacked system for retaining walls up to 12 feet (3.6 m) high without anchorage and the short piles. The short anchor piles and tie-down cables provide the additional support for taller retaining walls up to 20 feet (6.1 m) in height.

The anchorage and tie-down cable design will vary based on the site physiography, soil and groundwater conditions, seismic setting, and design surcharge loading. Engineering support from AnchorFast is available to help the design engineer and client meet the individual project needs.

Drawing Cable Tie-downs
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Major Advantages

Minimizes excavation

Eliminates or reduces need for geogrid for retaining walls up to 20 feet high

Designs allows for use of native backfill approved by engineers

Allows construction of retaining walls tighter to property lines in hillside areas

Block size optimizes speed of construction and offers the easiest and fastest installation at a cost saving of 20 – 30%

Block configuration accommodates curves

Seismic performances

AnchorFast Retaining Wall Block

24 square feet block size speeds up production during construction

Block dimensions allow for curves

Hollow blocks reduce weight and provide internal drainage system

Crushed rock internal drainage enhances friction connection between rows of blocks

Keyways prevent interlock sliding and ease installation

Attractive facing

Foundation base plate

Built-in 3.5° batter for easy block stacking

Incorporates drainage channel to convey water

High- strength lifting hooks for positive connection to blocks, tying system tighter for high retaining walls

Slide resistant lip at front of plates

Configuration minimizes embedment requirement

Incorporates holes for short piles to anchor plates to sub-grade

Anchor Pile

Short (4 feet long) piles generate considerable resistance to sliding, overturning, bearing, settlement as well as global modes of failure

Enhanced resistance eliminates need for geogrid

Minimizes site cuts and fills associated with retaining wall construction

Allow for wall constructions tight to property lines

Rapid installation with 8” Bobcat mounted auger in most soil

Steel pipe insert provides flexible strength and positive connection with concrete

Poured in-place concrete generates fixed connection between piles and base plates

Proven to support retaining walls over 20 feet high with no geogrid

Anchor pile only required for walls greater than 15 feet high

Seismic performance

Cable Tie-downs

Not required for retaining walls less than five blocks (15 feet) high

Stainless steel for preventing corrosion

Secured quickly between blocks and foundation base plates

Prevents hinge development between blocks and base plates

Stops overturning

Enhanced seismic performance