Installation Performed by
Greystone Stabilization Solutions Ltd.

Greystone Stabilization Solutions Ltd. (GSS) has over 20 years work experience and knowledge with soil and slope stabilization. The company has been actively involved with AnchorFast retaining wall’s product research and development, design, installation testing and engineering. We are the first certified company to install AnchorFast retaining wall system and are committed to provide high quality installation services with all equipments necessary using this new innovated product. The services can be based on turnkey or labour only project.

With this new innovated product and installation design, we are confident that AnchorFast retaining wall will meet with our clients’ expectation for budget, wall design as well as construction deadline.

For more information of installation, please contact

Brent Loates
Project manager
Phone: 604-807-6665

(Greystone Stabilization Solutions Ltd. is the sister company of Greystone Design Management Ltd.)