AnchorFast Retaining Wall Systems | Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley revolutionary new modular block retaining wall system without geogrid
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AnchorFast Block

What is AnchorFast?

AnchorFast is a revolutionary new modular block retaining wall system developed by experts in construction, engineering, and manufacturing to optimize aesthetics, construction cost, speed of installation, and function. Through years of research and development, we have now combined large block, large footing, plate, as well as steel pile and cabling into installing this new retaining wall system.

The Patent Pending short pile anchor and tie-down cabling system allow installers to minimize excavation, eliminate the need for geogrid and the need for imported fill while providing ductility for seismic resistance. Read more about our AnchorFast Retaining Wall features

Simply the best retaining wall system for your project

AnchorFast’s performance is proven by full scale load tests without the use of any geogrid reinforcing even when using saturated backfilling to a height of over 20 feet (6.1 m). The system is quick and easy to install and can be built into steep hillside cut slopes over 15 feet (4.5 m) without any geogrid.

It also gives the ease of design for civil consultants or sub-division developers without the concerns of geogrid interfering with underground utilities. Anchor Fast has a unique and attractive facing that sets it above the industry. Why waste time and money? Use Anchor Fast for your next big block retaining wall project.

AnchorFast Wall Height

Pick your colour

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